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Infection Control and Infectious Diseases

"Our staff LOVED LOVED the training and they cannot stop talking about it! They learned so much and will be able to take that information and use it in school and at home." Dawn Gallis, Early Childhood Education Coordinator, JCC of Staten Island                                                                                           

This training meets the licensing requirements of  §47.37(1) of the New York City Health Code that requires all classroom staff receive training in Infection control and Reporting Infectious Diseases.

3 hours
Location: Your site
Cost: $450

Space requirements:
a screen, or nice big blank wall, on which I can project the slides and videos, and enough chairs for everyone, arranged so that everyone can see the screen/wall comfortably.

Number of participants: from 1 to 150  (I will provide handout originals, and the program will make the copies)
Topics covered: 
- Introduction to the immune system
- Transmission of infectious diseases
- Hand Hygiene: the most important preventive measure
Handwashing (When, how, and with what)
Hand Sanitizer (when and why)
- NYC DOHMH Article 47 regulations
- Exclusion policies (when do we send a sick child home; when can they come back) 
- Communicable Diseases - Using the DOHMH Bureau of Child Care chart: Communicable Disease Chart for Child Care Providers in New York City
- Reporting requirements and Best Practices
- The Daily Health Check 
- Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

Every participant will receive a certificate attesting that the participant has met the requirements 
§47.37(1) of the New York City Health Code, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 

Client List: I've provided this training for more than 1,000 child care providers. For a partial list, click here . 

To schedule a date:
1) Open the Calendar to check for available dates: click here
2) If you see the word "available" written on the date you're interested in, that means it's still open.  
3) Call or send me an e-mail and I will hold that date for you until we make final arrangements....



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